Who we are?

Welcome to IngeniaMC, a Theme Park with a story... We are a passionate team of Minecraft enthusiasts working on a unique and magical theme park experience within the virtual world of the most populair block game. At IngeniaMC, our mission is to provide players with an immersive and entertaining theme park that goes beyond the ordinary stuff. We combine our talents and love for gaming to deliver a stunning adventure for all Minecraft players.

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Project IngeniaMC

Project IngeniaMC originally started from the Minecraft server MiniBuildCraft. The first version of MiniBuildCraft was also a theme park created by M64DiamondStar, one of the leaders, from which development began in 2018. After this project, MiniBuildCraft evolved into a mini-game and game mode server with games like Bedwars, Skyblock, and Creative. However, something didn't feel quite right. The theme park obsession was still lingering somewhere. So, when M64DiamondStar and AvontuurierGamer met, they decided to embark on a new project: IngeniaMC!

Magic Village

A Minecraft Theme Park

Fueled by our passion for Minecraft, we are dedicated to making this project an enjoyable experience, both for ourselves and for you! With three years of development under our belts, we have solid reasons to celebrate. During this time, our focus has extended beyond creating the server – we've evolved as individuals, learning valuable lessons from every step of this journey. We're eager to show you all we've got and all that is coming!

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Server FAQs.

Find all of the frequently asked questions here!

Is the server open?
Yes! You can join us now at play.IngeniaMC.net on version 1.20.4!
How can I join the server?
  1. Start up Minecraft on version 1.20.4
  2. Go to Multiplayer
  3. Click on Add Server
  4. Enter the name you want, put play.IngeniaMC.net as Server Adress and set Server Resource Packs on Enabled
  5. Click Done, select the server and click Join Server
What kind of server are we?
If you didn't notice it already, we're a custom Minecraft theme park.
Do you have some kind of online map?
Yes! Just go to https://map.ingeniamc.net/ and check out our full map!
Which plugins are we using?
A lot of the server is custom made like the menus, cosmetics, shops, wands but there are some public plugins we also use:
  1. TrainCarts and TCCoasters for the Coasters and rides on tracks.
  2. OpenAudioMC for the music.
  3. Animatronics for the animated armor stands.
  4. FAWE, FAVS, goBrush and HDB for building.
If you want a full list you can use /plugins in the server!
How many lines of kotlin code are in the core plugin?
Cool that you want to know this useless fact! The core plugin contains around 18,500 lines of kotlin code at the moment!