General Rules

  1. Respect and Kindness
    • Avoid harassment, bullying, or offensive behavior.
    • Treat others with respect and consideration.
  2. Privacy Matters
    • Refrain from sharing sensitive personal information, yours or others'.
    • Respect the privacy of fellow community members.
  3. No Advertisement
    • Keep discussions focused; refrain from advertising.
  4. Content Guidelines
    • NSFW, harmful, and offensive content are strictly prohibited, though light swearing is allowed.
    • Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable.
    • Follow content guidelines set by the platform; moderators may remove content that violates rules.
  5. Mindful Communication
    • Avoid spamming; communicate thoughtfully and meaningfully.
  6. Bug Reporting
    • Report any bugs you encounter instead of exploiting them.
    • You can report bugs in the discord server by making a ticket.
  7. Fair Play
    • Do not use hacked clients or engage in unfair practices.
    • Engaging in macros or automated processes to gain advantages is strictly prohibited.
  8. Team Collaboration
    • Listen to and collaborate with team members for a harmonious environment.
  9. Positive Engagement
    • Focus on enjoying yourself; do not seek loopholes in the rules.
    • Be yourself and have fun!

Please note that these rules may change in the future!

If you have read the rules, you can go and enjoy the fun on our server!

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